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Jackson’s Letter-Essay #9:”Stormbreaker”

I have  just finished the book “Stormbreaker” by  Anthony Horowitz. I wanted to read the whole series of book Stormbreaker about all  of the Alex rider’s-Main Character- missions. Alex wasn’t always a spy though. He has recently been living with his uncle Ian Rider ever since his parents died- in a plane accident- and then … Continue reading Jackson’s Letter-Essay #9:”Stormbreaker”

Rory’s Third Trimester Reading Reflection & Goals

I have read 10 books this trimester. One book that I was slightly confused by was Surrender Tree, by Margarita Engle. It was a poetry book, and the language that it spoke was very confusing. There were a lot of paltry paragraphs, and long words, some of which involved very hard thinking . The best … Continue reading Rory’s Third Trimester Reading Reflection & Goals

Jake M’s Reading Reflection and Goals

I have read 10 books this trimester. I read books that I enjoyed and had much interest in. I did read more non-fiction books this trimester.  My favorite book I read was Navy Seal Dogs by: Mike Ritland . It was my favorite book because it was the book that really grabbed my interest. Also … Continue reading Jake M’s Reading Reflection and Goals

Melissa’s Reading Reflection

This trimester i approximate (but not 100% sure) that i read 42 books.  Yes, that may seem like a lot, but as reading is my only hobby it makes sense… The most challenging book i read this trimester and possibly ever was the Anne Frank  Holocaust Diary.  It was very depressing but the worst part … Continue reading Melissa’s Reading Reflection

Hanna’s Reading Reflection

In the second trimester my goal was to read thirteen books I met the goal. Another  goal of mine was to read books that challenged me I did not meet that goal.   One of my favorite books that I read in the second trimester was “Someone else’s  Life ” by: Katie Dale this was one of my favorite books because it was very suspenseful  and kept me wanting more.  One of my favorite authors from this trimester was Sarah  Dessen because I love the way I can connect to all her books. My favorite genre from this  trimester is realistic fiction because, I like reading books I can relate too.  I did not meet all of my goals for the second trimester for example I  did not write a  letter essay about a book I didn’t like and I didn’t read any biographies. I will add the goals  that I didn’t complete to my third trimester goals so I will have another chance at completing  them. My goals this trimester is to write down all the books I read, I would also like to read  more historical fiction and more James Patterson books. Finally I would like to get all check  pluses on all of my letter essays. Someone else’s life book review

Maddy’s Trimester 2 Reading Reflection

This trimester I read a total of 10 books. I think the only book that challenged me was was Allegiant only because it was so long. The best books I read this trimester were either Something New by Lisa Papademetriou or Allegiant by Veronica Roth because they have such great description and they are book … Continue reading Maddy’s Trimester 2 Reading Reflection

Johanna’s Reading Reflection

This trimester I read 10 books but did not complete my goal. I read a couple of books that   challenged me because they were nonfiction, this was because I was not used to the change in   the way it was written.The best book that I read this trimester was So b. It. This was my favorite   book because it made me feel like I was actually there with the character, and when there was a   troublesome time for the main character I felt troubled too.  My favorite author this trimester is Sarah Weeks because of her description and collaboration.   She also made it very easy to follow along with what was happening. I made some progress at   my goal but alas, I did not complete it. I m sure I can accomplish it by the third trimester though,   because I came very close. My goals for trimester 3 are to finish my goals for trimester one. I   also have to read more traditional literature, and I will keep trying my best. 

Brett Trimester 2 Reading Reflection and Goal

During trimester 2 I thought I did a great job at trying to get my goal and accomplishing my goal. I did accomplish my goal of reading 10 books in the trimester by reading 11 books. I passed my goal by one book and have now read 23 books so far. During the trimester I … Continue reading Brett Trimester 2 Reading Reflection and Goal