Gabi’s T2 Reading Reflection

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Alas the end of the second trimester is upon us. During this trimester I read 9 books and am in the middle of my 10th. I read quite a few challenging books, including, Autobiography of a Face  by Lucy Grealy which had lots of medical terms that I did not know, Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank which was written in old english (which I love, but was often hard to understand), and I am currently in the middle of Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston, that has next to no plot line. I think the best book I read this trimester was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets which has always been one of my favorites for it’s suspense and lovable (and dislikable) characters. My favorite author these days is J.K. Rowling, I’ve been thrown back to the days when all I ever wanted to do was read Harry Potter. I’m not entirely sure what I love so much about her form of writing, maybe it’s the magical element or the characters or the plot line or the hippogriffs! As for favorite genre, my undying love for fiction is, well, still undying. I made lots of progress towards my trimester goal, I read 2 ½ challenging books that improved my reading/writing skills. My goals for the next trimester are as follows…to read more than 11 books, read more genres, like poetry, for example. And last but not least, read at least 2 classics.

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4 thoughts on “Gabi’s T2 Reading Reflection

  1. Hi my name is Martin. I’m an 8th grade student. I loved your paragraph about Anne Frank. I read about Anne Frank and learned about the WWII at that time. Anne Frank and her family were hiding from the Nazis. Anne Frank
    had a diary of her own and wrote about herself.

  2. Hello Gabi my name is Cristian and you and I like the same type of books. For example this year my whole class read Diary of Anne Frank and to be honest it was about the best book I have read in my entire life because it is based on something that actually happened in real life and I am really in love with those kinds of books. When I was in seventh grade I finished reading the whole Harry Potter series. It took me a whole year to finish the series because they are extremely long, but It was worth it because JK Rowling did such a wonderful job explaining the plot, Harry’s background story, and also did good describing all the characters.

  3. Hi my name is Ernie. I’m an 8th grade student in California. I too like Diary of Anne Frank and the Harry Potter books. I’ve seen all the Harry Potter movies and read the first, second, and third book. That’s great that you read challenging books I wish I can do that.

  4. Hey I’m Johnny a 8th grader in California and I really love Harry Potter too! I think it is very impressive that you have read a Harry Potter book in 7th grade.

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