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Maddy’s Trimester 2 Reading Reflection

This trimester I read a total of 10 books. I think the only book that challenged me was was Allegiant only because it was so long. The best books I read this trimester were either Something New by Lisa Papademetriou or Allegiant by Veronica Roth because they have such great description and they are book … Continue reading Maddy’s Trimester 2 Reading Reflection

Bobby’s Reading Goal

My goal in the second trimester for reading was to read 11-13 books. I ended up meeting  my requirement at 11 books. Something that challenged me a bit was an amount of time to read, while balancing other activities. My favorite book this past trimester was The Cay, a book about the island of Curacao. … Continue reading Bobby’s Reading Goal

Johanna’s Reading Reflection

This trimester I read 10 books but did not complete my goal. I read a couple of books that   challenged me because they were nonfiction, this was because I was not used to the change in   the way it was written.The best book that I read this trimester was So b. It. This was my favorite   book because it made me feel like I was actually there with the character, and when there was a   troublesome time for the main character I felt troubled too.  My favorite author this trimester is Sarah Weeks because of her description and collaboration.   She also made it very easy to follow along with what was happening. I made some progress at   my goal but alas, I did not complete it. I m sure I can accomplish it by the third trimester though,   because I came very close. My goals for trimester 3 are to finish my goals for trimester one. I   also have to read more traditional literature, and I will keep trying my best. 

Brett Trimester 2 Reading Reflection and Goal

During trimester 2 I thought I did a great job at trying to get my goal and accomplishing my goal. I did accomplish my goal of reading 10 books in the trimester by reading 11 books. I passed my goal by one book and have now read 23 books so far. During the trimester I … Continue reading Brett Trimester 2 Reading Reflection and Goal