Erin’s 3rd Trimester Reading Goal

I don’t remember the exact amount I read. But I know it wasn’t a big challenge. I read or am reading is American Sniper the author is Chris Kyle. I love this book because I love military books but I also am interested in his life story. I don’t have a favorite genre but i prefer Realistic Fiction, Adventure, Sci Fi, or Non Fiction. I didn’t make any progress on my previous goal because I couldn’t read anymore Lois Lowry books. I couldn’t read much of her books because I was so consumed on reading non fiction. I wanted to read more of her books but sadly I couldn’t. I did try to get to reading some of her books. But I tried what can you do about it?

My third trimester reading goal is to read more books a trimester. I am a little on the slower side of reading. So I’ll try to read faster and more often. I hope I will be able to complete my third trimester reading goal!


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1 thought on “Erin’s 3rd Trimester Reading Goal

  1. My name is Cristian. I’m from RJ Frank school in Oxnard, Ca. A Lois Lowry book I love is the giver. I find it so interesting that even if you make a so called “perfect world” it will never be a world everyone wants to live in.

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