Monthly Archives: March 2014

Monday Musings: What’s My Muse?

A student in Sixth Period today asked a great question. He asked, in response to hearing the details of this assignment, what my muse was. I had to think about that. What inspires or, to a lesser degree, compels me to write? The unfortunate truth, nowadays, is deadlines. I have always enjoyed writing. I don’t … Continue reading Monday Musings: What’s My Muse?

Should tablets be used in the classroom?

Electronics during the school hours has come a long way since this idea was first introduced. One main electronic that has kids begging for their parents to buy for them is the tablet. Made by apple, microsoft, even amazon have began noticing the profit in electronics and made their own unique tablet. Some schools have … Continue reading Should tablets be used in the classroom?

Fossil Fuels: An Old Resource Powering Old Needs.

Since the start of industrialization in the early 20th century, new technology has changed our lifestyles. How ironic is it that the engine running this era of new things is so old? Fossil fuels have long powered both our country and the world, but now is the cause off its demise. To make it worse, … Continue reading Fossil Fuels: An Old Resource Powering Old Needs.

Start School Later

Don’t all schools want their students to perform to the best of their abilities? Don’t principals want everyone single one of their students to be getting A’s on all essays, homework assignments, tests, and quizzes? And principals definitely want their students to understand what the teachers point is. Well, having students, especially teenagers, waking up … Continue reading Start School Later