Musing for 3/31/14

Will the ivory hunt ever stop? Since the 18th century, poachers have been killing elephants and taking their tusks for money. The tusks contain a mineral called ivory, which is incredibly expensive. It’s worth a lot of money. Many groups are trying to prevent this, but will it work?

China is responsible for most of the killings. They love ivory because not only is it good for jewelry, but it helps them get rid of toxins. Poachers will kill the elephants and trade them to Chinese people. The ivory is sold on the Chinese Black Market. The Black Market is an illegal trade organization that spans throughout the entire world. They sell weapons, drugs, and most importantly, animals. The ivory is sold by militia in order to get money. This money is spent for weapons used to fight civil wars. If we stop the trade of ivory, maybe the civil wars will stop too.

Poachers have been sneaking the ivory to China with some bizarre methods. One method was to cover the ivory in chocolate and put them in the wrappers of a popular Asian snack bar called a “Lunch Bar”. It failed, fortunately. Wildlife Conservation Groups are helping stop the poaching too. One day, maybe, it’ll stop. We can only do our best right now.

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  1. It is incredibly sad that such magnificent animals are thoughtlessly slaughtered for material gain. You say that we can “only do our best right now.” What can the average person do to curtail this, Dylan?

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