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Letter-Essay #7 – Renee Kwok

Recently, I finished reading a 664 pg. Fantasy story called Tower of Dawn by New York Times and USA Today bestselling American fantasy author, Sarah J. Maas. Tower of Dawn is a compelling story that’s just begging for you to read, but you must read the previous 6 books in order to read this one. … Continue reading Letter-Essay #7 – Renee Kwok

FFFW#3: Mr. Jockers

Prompt: Write a story called “The Day the Internet Died” Pattern: Simple (with an adjective or noun phrase), Compound-Complex What would life be like without the Internet, the technological web that has for better or worse connected nearly everyone worldwide? Because I lived about 20 years without it, it’s easy for me to imagine, for … Continue reading FFFW#3: Mr. Jockers

FFFW #1: Mr. Jockers

Prompt: My favorite room in my house. Pattern: Simple, Compound My favorite room in my house is my living room. Our house is a split-level ranch, and the living room is the first room you’d enter if you entered through the front door. Actually, you’d enter the foyer first. The foyer is long and narrow, … Continue reading FFFW #1: Mr. Jockers