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An Unbelievably Weird Sense of Jealousy

Though some would say “that’s nothing”, it was something to me. Accomplishing my first double black diamond ski trail was definitely something to me. More than something. Though I admit that as soon as I reached the top of the slope, and I knew there was no going back, a wave of reality washed over … Continue reading An Unbelievably Weird Sense of Jealousy

FW: Week 1, Day 1

“Unexpected!” by Fariha K. A new day arrived – as always. It was an extraordinary, wonderful day at the prime of the world, Disneyland! The weather in California was simply delightful, and a new adventure awaited my family and I. Unfortunately, it was our last day in California, and after a lengthy time at every … Continue reading FW: Week 1, Day 1

Free Write: Sophie-Marie – Jealousy

  Everyone had that one thing they always wanted when they were little, talking baby doll, remote control car, some epic Lego set… For me it wasn’t anything in particular, it would change with the commercials. I didn’t mind much that I didn’t get the latest Barbie house, or Monster High doll, that was until … Continue reading Free Write: Sophie-Marie – Jealousy