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Nicole Letter Essay #3: Girls Like Me

Letter Essay #3                  11-16-17   I recently finished reading Girls Like Me a 310 page poetry novel and by Lola StVil, published in 2014. Lola StVil is a New York Times best-selling author and is most well known for her fantasy series, The Guardians and The Noru. Also, Lola … Continue reading Nicole Letter Essay #3: Girls Like Me

Adrianna’s Letter Essay #2: A Work In Progress

Recently, I finished reading A Work In Progress, a 212-page memoir book by a 24 year old Youtube sensation, Connor Franta. A Work In Progress is Connor Franta’s memoir. He tells stories about when he was just a “small town kid” in Wisconsin. The book was originally published on April 21, 2015. It has received … Continue reading Adrianna’s Letter Essay #2: A Work In Progress

Gabi’s Letter Essay #6 1984

Recently, I finished reading George Orwell’s, 328 paged classic, 1984. George Orwell (a pseudonym of Eric Blair) served with the Indian Imperial Police in Burma before returning to Europe to bestow upon us many of his great works, essays and novels alike. This particular novel, originally called Nineteen Eighty-Four,  was published on June 8, 1949. … Continue reading Gabi’s Letter Essay #6 1984

Rory’s Third Trimester Reading Reflection & Goals

I have read 10 books this trimester. One book that I was slightly confused by was Surrender Tree, by Margarita Engle. It was a poetry book, and the language that it spoke was very confusing. There were a lot of paltry paragraphs, and long words, some of which involved very hard thinking . The best … Continue reading Rory’s Third Trimester Reading Reflection & Goals

Jake F.’s reading reflection

  This trimester I have read 11 books. This trimester one book challenged me, Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz. This book was 260 pages. This book was 260 pages. This challenged me because I didn’t read 30 minutes each night, so it took a long time to finish. The best book I have read this … Continue reading Jake F.’s reading reflection

Melissa’s Reading Reflection

This trimester i approximate (but not 100% sure) that i read 42 books.  Yes, that may seem like a lot, but as reading is my only hobby it makes sense… The most challenging book i read this trimester and possibly ever was the Anne Frank  Holocaust Diary.  It was very depressing but the worst part … Continue reading Melissa’s Reading Reflection

Hanna’s Reading Reflection

In the second trimester my goal was to read thirteen books I met the goal. Another  goal of mine was to read books that challenged me I did not meet that goal.   One of my favorite books that I read in the second trimester was “Someone else’s  Life ” by: Katie Dale this was one of my favorite books because it was very suspenseful  and kept me wanting more.  One of my favorite authors from this trimester was Sarah  Dessen because I love the way I can connect to all her books. My favorite genre from this  trimester is realistic fiction because, I like reading books I can relate too.  I did not meet all of my goals for the second trimester for example I  did not write a  letter essay about a book I didn’t like and I didn’t read any biographies. I will add the goals  that I didn’t complete to my third trimester goals so I will have another chance at completing  them. My goals this trimester is to write down all the books I read, I would also like to read  more historical fiction and more James Patterson books. Finally I would like to get all check  pluses on all of my letter essays. Someone else’s life book review

Andrew’s T2 Reading Reflection

I have read 10 books this trimester, that puts me really close to completing the 30 book challenge. The only book that challenged me this trimester was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime because they it was written in the U.K. so the language is a little bit different. My favorite book … Continue reading Andrew’s T2 Reading Reflection

Bobby’s Reading Goal

My goal in the second trimester for reading was to read 11-13 books. I ended up meeting  my requirement at 11 books. Something that challenged me a bit was an amount of time to read, while balancing other activities. My favorite book this past trimester was The Cay, a book about the island of Curacao. … Continue reading Bobby’s Reading Goal