Kayleigh’s Reading Reflection

This trimester I read a total of nine books. The best book that I read this trimester was either the Candymakers by Wendy Mass or the non fiction book on Anne Frank that I just finished. The Candymakers was a very unique book and it was easy to get pulled into but, it was hard to not put it down. The other book on Anne Frank, was a very serious book but, it was interesting to read about what her life was like. One of my favorite authors is Wendy Mass. I have only read a few of her books but, I enjoy her writing style and stories. Currently, my favorite genre is realistic fiction, because you can sometimes relate to how the characters are feeling and what is going on in their life. The hardest book I read this trimester was a biography on Walt Disney. It was a pretty good book but, sometimes it was hard to follow who some of the characters were because there were so many characters doing similar things. My goal for the second trimester was to read at a slightly faster pace because in the first trimester I was only able to read eight when I had to read ten. This trimester I did achieve my goal at reading at a faster pace but, I only read one more book than in the first trimester. My new goal, for the third trimester is to try and keep reading faster so that I am able to complete the thirty book challenge because, I still have to read eleven books. I would also like to try to read some different genres. In the second trimester I read some different genres and I would like to continue to do that. In addition I would like to include more detail and make my quoted passages longer in my letter essays. Finally, I would like to read more books that challenge me. Those are my third trimester reading goals.


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7 thoughts on “Kayleigh’s Reading Reflection

  1. I also really enjoyed The Candymakers. It was very suspenseful and hard to put down. You also have great goals for the third trimester.

    1. Thank you. It was a really good and interesting book with a well crafted plot. I would read it again.

  2. Hi, I’m Brisa; I’m from California. I think you have really good goals for the third trimester. I also, think I’m going to read The Candymakers.

  3. Hi Kayleigh, I’m Brisa. I’m from Califorina. The Candymakers seems like a good book, I think I’m going to read it.

  4. Hi Kayleigh, my name is Sebrina. Your name is spelled pretty cool. I am from California. The thirty book challenge seems interesting, I think I would try it too. Reading different genres is a fun thing to explore in reading to know what you would or would not like to read. Your goal for third trimester is great by the way.

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