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Bio-Poem: Fariha K.

Fariha Diligent, courageous, content, responsible Daughter of Mumtaz and Furkan, sister of Firdaus, Fazila, and Fariza Lover of family, Disney, and religion Who feels grateful for having a roof over her head, happy and marvelous with her family, and compassionate towards her education Who finds joy at school, while reading, and while spending time with … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Fariha K.

Bio-Poem: Georgia

Georgia Fun, crazy, energetic, daring Daughter of Michael and Myra Lover of playing soccer on the Easton Redding United team with my friends (I have played for soccer for nine years and played on ERU for 6 years), riding the most insane roller coasters and water slides (especially the roller coasters at Hershey Park and … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Georgia

Bio-Poem: Lindsay

Lindsay Outgoing, caring, easy-going, observant  Daughter of Christine and Brian, sister of Juliet Lover of music, nature, and fun Who feels appreciative of the little things, happy when the sun shines, and grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing people Who finds happiness in watching the sunset every night (in the street since it … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Lindsay

Bio Poem: Sophie-Marie

Sophie-Marie Intelligent, headstrong, generous, talented Daughter of Anthony and Daniele Fanzo, sister of Jackson and Elizabeth Lover of the arts, literature, and celebrations Who feel supported by her family, inspired by the world around her, and sad about all that has been lost. Who finds beauty in the world, happiness in life, and faith in … Continue reading Bio Poem: Sophie-Marie

Bio poem: Isabella

Isabella Daring, competitive, genuine, hard working Daughter of David and Corey, sister of Sebastian, Alexander, and David Lover of gymnastics, pickles, and spending time with friends Who feels uncertain about this pandemic, grateful for the opportunities I have, and sad to not be at school in person Who finds spicy foods appealing, painting enjoyable, and … Continue reading Bio poem: Isabella

Bio-Poem: Keira

Keira Hardworking, thoughtful, compassionate, loyal Daughter of Brent and Jill, sister of Richie Lover of family, basketball, and the Rhode Island beaches Who feels thankful to be in such a wonderful, comforting family, passionate about making a difference in the world, and fortunate to have caring friends Who finds excitement dribbling a basketball down a … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Keira

Bio-Poem: Mr. Jockers

Ryan Patient, honest, industrious, dependable Son of Thomas and Linda, brother of Erin Lover of life, family, and the changing of New England seasons Who feels thankful at the start and end of every day, comfortable in his own skin, and blessed to be doing what he loves to do Who finds happiness in his … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Mr. Jockers

Bio-Poem: Amber

Amber Energetic, enthusiastic, unique, persevering Daughter of Beth and Jeff, sister to Sydney, Lillian, and Maxwell Lover of family, vacations, and friends Who feels thankful for her brother, life, and freedom Who finds happiness in baking, the outdoors, and helping others Who needs support, mango black tea, and her brother, Maxwell Who gives respect, support … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Amber


Chelsea   Underestimated, determined, passionate,willing Daughter of Melissa and Albert, sister of Amelia Lover of people, the arts, and ice cream Who feels thankful for ideas, education, and life Who finds happiness in dance, her friends, and organizing her room Who needs answers, stress, and having her voice heard Who gives advice to her little … Continue reading Bio-Poem:Chelsea.C.

Bio-Poem: Tessa

Tessa Dedicated, tenacious, devoted, diligent Daughter of Robin and John, sister of John, Alexa, and Drew Lover of competitive swimming and training, pop punk music, and going to every home game of   The New York Giants with her father and brothers Who feels thankful for a pool and gym to train in, the food … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Tessa