Bio-Poem: Renee K.


Imaginative, short-tempered, reliable, and a musician

Daughter of Ada and Skye, sister of Edison

Lover of art, music, and the sight of snow as the first snowflake sticks to the ground

Who feels thankful for all of her friends, family, and all of the support she gets

Who finds happiness when sleeping until she feels like waking up, relaxing on the beach, and when she is lost in a book of wonders

Who needs an everlasting supply of sweets, some quiet time, and endless bookshelves filled with stories; begging her to read them all

Who gives a shoulder to cry or lean on, support, and not enough attention to where she’s


Who fears being hurt, spiders, and not knowing what her future holds

Who would like to see the Seven Wonders of the World, loved ones joyful, and

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Who enjoys shopping herself( sometimes others), listening to

music, and creating lasting memories with friends and family

Who likes to wear loose and light clothes, flannels, and Nike sneakers

Born in Manhattan, N.Y., resident of Easton



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