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Bio-Poem: Georgia

Georgia Fun, crazy, energetic, daring Daughter of Michael and Myra Lover of playing soccer on the Easton Redding United team with my friends (I have played for soccer for nine years and played on ERU for 6 years), riding the most insane roller coasters and water slides (especially the roller coasters at Hershey Park and … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Georgia

Zachary, Where Are You From

I’m from my brother saying, “Play with me Zac, play with me,” until I finally give in and build huge magnatile structures and lego ships with him for hours. I’m from late night surf sessions with my Dad in Rhode Island and California that are  freezing cold even if we wear wet suits.     … Continue reading Zachary, Where Are You From

Luke, Where Are You From?

I’m from cool, crisp autumn mornings, sweat pouring down my forehead, perfecting my passing skills with my dad. The soccer ball being kicked effortlessly through the air, constantly in motion. My dad’s mantra in my head, reminding me of how I should play soccer. “Work harder than everyone, but remember to have fun.” I’m from … Continue reading Luke, Where Are You From?

Erick, Where Are You From?

I’m from hot summer nights and being coated in mosquito bites. Waking up my brother only for him to tell me “Go back to sleep” and finding my cousins sleeping next to me in a queen size bed meant for two.   I’m from a place where you can not miss out on the opportunity … Continue reading Erick, Where Are You From?

Andrew, Where Are You From?

Andrew, where are you from? Where are you from, Andrew? I’m from being on the soccer field four days in a row, or playing in games that were too tense to forget, Remembering watching my first soccer  FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid in a league game on FOX I’m from trips with the ECC to … Continue reading Andrew, Where Are You From?