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Bio-Poem: Tessa

Tessa Dedicated, tenacious, devoted, diligent Daughter of Robin and John, sister of John, Alexa, and Drew Lover of competitive swimming and training, pop punk music, and going to every home game of   The New York Giants with her father and brothers Who feels thankful for a pool and gym to train in, the food … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Tessa

Bio-Poem: Jalen

Jalen Bright, imaginative, humerous, and bookish Son of Jennifer and Sydney, brother of Jemma and Julia Lover of a good book, the theatre, and the blissful silence of a weekend afternoon Who feels thankful for life, the internet, and the joyous memories of family gatherings Who finds happiness spending time with friends, swimming in his … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Jalen

Erick, Where Are You From?

I’m from hot summer nights and being coated in mosquito bites. Waking up my brother only for him to tell me “Go back to sleep” and finding my cousins sleeping next to me in a queen size bed meant for two.   I’m from a place where you can not miss out on the opportunity … Continue reading Erick, Where Are You From?

Olivia, Where Are You From?

I’m from waking up to oatmeal and tea every morning, and occasionally having Coco Puffs because they taste so good. Every morning fighting for the bathroom with my brother because we both need to get ready. “Hurry up Olivia, your hair doesn’t take that long!” He’ll say. I’m from 3 minute drives to my grandparents … Continue reading Olivia, Where Are You From?

Zoe, Where Are You From?

I’m from​ ​the trail running, root jumping, stream crossing, heart pounding, sweat that runs down   my face as I try to keep up with my father’s pace on our latest 5k. “Go Zoe Go… Straight to the   finish line” he yelled and I as I feel his encouragement.       I’m from​ … Continue reading Zoe, Where Are You From?