Erick, Where Are You From?

I’m from hot summer nights and being coated in mosquito bites. Waking up my brother only for him to tell me “Go back to sleep” and finding my cousins sleeping next to me in a queen size bed meant for two.


I’m from a place where you can not miss out on the opportunity to go swimming at the beach. Where you aren’t walking distance away from your family and a small enough town where everybody knows each other.


I’m from where memories are made and never one day is the same from the other and where no matter how much someone yells at you they will always love you the same, i’m from sweaty days where the best things to do is eat, sleep, go to the beach and watch soccer games in the arena that is a walking distance away with the fellow hooligans (Ultras) that chant Demoni Pula.


I’m from a mad house that can never stay quiet. Filled with over 10 family members adult or child either way both screaming or yelling at one another. I’m from a place where as a kid the eldest sibling/cousin raised you and made you the person you are today.


I’m from cooks that cook the most exquisite food you have ever tasted everyday never disappointing the critic. Cooking homemade Carne Apanada and Pasta Con PEsto, but never happy with the job they’ve completed. Never complaining about cleaning the dishes and the mess made by the children after they were done eating.

I’m that nocturnal-sleeping, soccer-playing, memory-making, relatively-psychotic, family-loving, kid.

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2 thoughts on “Erick, Where Are You From?

  1. Erick, I really liked your piece and when you describe your town i can really visualize what it looks like and the comfortable atmosphere. In addition, It makes me feel like i could be there and watch the soccer games because it seems like so much fun. IF ONLY I COULD COME. When you mention the food i get hungry and salivate at that picture of the chicken. -Christian Hiden

  2. Good job Erick, I really liked your poem, and all of the pictures. Having 10 people all the time in a house is relate able, with my 15 other family members there are always new family at our house and it is very loud. I also liked where you said that you can’t miss out at an opportunity to go to the beach and where everyone is friendly and king, Great Job.

    James Burris

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