Name: Josey June

Date: June 12

Class/Period: ILA 2




“Let me do it again.  This time don’t spot me,”  I demanded to Claire.  I looked at her and laughed.  I felt as if I could do it!  I stood there feeling confident in myself on Claire’s bed.  I was attempting to do a back handspring.  

I jumped backward and upside down onto my hands and I felt my fingertips touch the soft squishy mattress. Then I heard a deep snap and my face lit up with fear. 

 I felt ok and everything seemed ok, but I didn’t know what the deep cracking noise was.  It sounded as if a big branch had just fallen from a tall tree.  I rolled over onto my stomach and I saw Claire in the corner of her room with her hands over her mouth, her face in shock, and tears stirring up in her eyes.  I looked down at my arm and it looked like the letter S.

I gasped and looked at Claire “Get your mom!!!” I said in shock.  “Momma!!!!”  Claire started yelling, then I knew that this was happening. Claire’s mom stormed into the room and you could tell she seemed worried.  I read the clock and the numbers read 9:18.  I didn’t know how I was feeling. I kept wondering what was gonna happen next.  “KEVIN!” Claire’s mom shouted out of her bedroom door.  I looked over at Claire and she was sitting right next to me.  A tear had rolled down her face.  I heard fast and heavy footsteps running up the stairs, and then Kevin came into the room. “Oh geez,” he said in confusion.  Everyone there was standing there glancing at my arm.  “Hi, it’s Claire’s mom.” I heard and I looked over and she was on the phone with my dad. Kevin ran quickly out of the room and down the stairs. “Everything’s gonna be ok,” Claire said in comfort.  I felt ok because my arm was hurting yet I was still in heavy shock.  “I’m back,” Kevin says as he comes into the room with a wooden spoon.  “Claire, where is your wrap for your leg?” Kevin said.  “In the playroom, I’ll go get it.!”  “You’re ok Josey, your dad is on his way.” Claire’s mom said.  “Hold still,” Kevin demanded.  I held still as he placed the spoon on top of the S-looking arm and gently wrapped the wrap around my arm and the spoon.  Kevin was in the military so he knew what to do with a broken arm.

I heard a car door slam and soon enough my dad was in the room “Do we call an ambulance?” Claire’s mom says. “No, I will drive.” my dad replies.   He picks me up and carries me all the way to his truck.  He put me in the back left side and we sped away.  I remember driving down the merit and hitting every single bump on the way there.  I felt so uncomfortable I wanted to cry.  But I didn’t cry.  

We entered the emergency room and a nurse saw my dad carrying me.  She runs over a wheelchair and wheels me to the side desk as my dad is checking me in at the main desk.  “Pointed your finger out please.” A nice nurse says. I put my finger out thinking “what is taking so long???”  About 5 long minutes later, a man took me into an X-ray room.  He was trying to position my arm in the right place for the X-ray machine to correctly capture the picture.  He was twisting my arm all around and then it got really hot in the room.  Sweat was building up on me.  I felt like I was about to faint and I kept saying that.  “Here’s some water.” the man gave it to me.

The rest of the night felt like a blur.  I remember getting into a hospital bed and them giving me anesthesia.  I woke up and I was very confused. “What happened?” i mumbed to my dad.  “You broke your arm, honey.”  He replied.  A nurse came into the room and the monitor was beeping.  After a few more hours in the hospital, I was sent home and went straight to bed.  After I got home, it was a cycle of waking up, taking Advil, drinking some water, and going back to sleep. That repeated for about a week or 2.





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  1. Dear Josephine June,
    You are so brave for not crying! This story is very interesting! I loved the description and details you included!

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