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book trailer: Holes

Jake and Ian Stanley Yelnats is accused of a crime he never committed and is left with a choice of going to jail or working at Camp Green Lake, where warden makes the boys “build character” by spending all day, every day, digging holes: five feet wide and five feet deep. What they don’t know … Continue reading book trailer: Holes

Book Trailer: The False Prince

<iframe id=”vp11F36c” title=”Video Player” width=”432″ height=”243″ frameborder=”0″ src=”” allowfullscreen></iframe> b   The False Prince By: Jennifer A. Neilsen is about the dead King his family, of the land of Cartha. The Noble, Beivn Conner is trying to find the new King of Cartha. He is looking for a look a like, the lost prince Jaron. … Continue reading Book Trailer: The False Prince

The Giver Movie Trailer

<iframe id=”vp12ol9u” title=”Video Player” width=”432″ height=”243″ frameborder=”0″ src=”” allowfullscreen></iframe> The giver is an 179 page novel by Lois Lowery about a kid named Jonas who lives in a perfect communist society where when you graduate from school your job is chosen for you. Jonas is chosen for the special job of the giver, who holds … Continue reading The Giver Movie Trailer

Book Trailer: Entwined

By: Melissa C. Azalea is a princess in a crumbling kingdom, and when her mother passed away she was left to care for her 11 younger sisters in their time of grieving. Their father, the king is work obsessed and consistently uses his wife’s death as an excuse to be working. He also requires the … Continue reading Book Trailer: Entwined

The Outsiders: Movie Trailer By Carson L. and Tiernan In the novel, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, the 14 year-old main character, Ponyboy, is in a gang called the Greasers. They live in North Texas right near Oklahoma. His brother Sodapop, is also in the gang. Out of all of the gang members, Ponyboy reveals that he is … Continue reading The Outsiders: Movie Trailer

Alex’s Letter Essay #12 “The Outsiders”

I just recently finished the outsiders. Its a mid size book about 180 pages by S.E. Hinton. We first meet our narrator/main character, fourteen-year-old Ponyboy, as he’s walking home from the movies alone, which is something we know he’s not supposed to be doing. Ponyboy lives in a dangerous area. His East Side neighborhood is … Continue reading Alex’s Letter Essay #12 “The Outsiders”

Book Trailer: Divergent

By Jenna and Kristine Divergent is a science fiction novel about a “perfect society” that is falling apart. The society is so perfect because everyone is split into five different groups-Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). All children are born into one specific faction (group) … Continue reading Book Trailer: Divergent

Anthony’s Letter Essay #12: Out of My Mind

Dear class, I have just finished reading Out of My Mind. A 295 page novel by Sharon M. Draper. 11 year old Melody, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, cannot walk or talk. Despite her parents’ best efforts, the outside world has defined her by her condition. Melody’s life changes when inclusion classrooms are introduced in her … Continue reading Anthony’s Letter Essay #12: Out of My Mind