Madigan’s Letter Essay #12 “Out of my Mind”

Dear class,

I just finished reading “Out of my Mind”  by Sharon M. Draper, a 295 page turner. I love this book. It is one of my favorites books and one of the books based off of “Stuck in Nuteral” by Terry Trueman. I love how the author perfectly expresses a 10 year olds mind and the description is immesnce.

In the novel, 11 year old Melody has photographic memory. What ever she sees is put on file in her head. Always. There is no delete button. She is one of the smartest kids at Spaulding Street Elementary School- maybe the smartest- but no one knows that. Melody is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and is unable to talk to anyone. All Melody wants is to be able to communicate to others and tell them that she does understand what teachers teach her and what people talk about even when their not talking to her. But once she gets the chance to communicate and plus a very special opportunity, she experiences real world, social, and bullying problems.

This passage shows the author’s ability to describe a 11 year olds mind and description in general:

‘So the same kids I’m with now we’re together in second grade with a teacher named Mrs. Tracy. As third graders we suffered through Mrs. Billups, who could have gotten the award for the worst teacher in the world. There are six self-contained learning communities in our wing of the building—-children with various conditions, from preschoolers to kids who ought to be in high school by now.

Our classroom, room H-5, might be nice for babies, but give me a break! It’s painted yellow and pink. One wall covered with a sun with a happy face,a huge rainbow, and dozens of flowers–also with smiley faces. The other wall is painted with happy bunnies, kittens, and puppies. Bluebirds fly all over the sky with perfect white clouds. Even the birds are smiling. I’m almost eleven years old, and if I have to look at puppies in paradise oner more day, I think I’ll puke!(pg 29-30)’

I love how the author is able to put you next to the emotions in young Melody’s head. This book I read last year and since we are reading “Stuck in Nuteral” in class I wanted to revisit this book. If I would rate this book(10 being the best book in the world), I would rate it a 7.5. I love this book but it is an easier book so it didn’t have the writing quality for a 7th going on 8th grade student.

From, Madigan

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6 thoughts on “Madigan’s Letter Essay #12 “Out of my Mind”

  1. I have read this book before Madigan and it is a must read book. I loved this book when I read it, which was in 6th grade.

  2. I am glad you liked this book. I loved reading it too! I agree for some people and it kind of is for our grade. I enjoyed reading your letter essay, great way to finish off the year.

  3. This book sounds real interesting, I’ve read a couple other books that kind of relates to this book. I hope I get the chance to read this book real soon and hope I enjoy it. Great letter essay!

  4. I love this book as you know and I liked hearing about it from another persons view. This was a very good written letter essay. I really want to read it again and thanks for giving me the idea.

  5. I really liked your letter essay! I read this book to and agree that the author perfectly expresses a 10 year old.

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