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Letter Essay #6 Kayleigh Riccio

The Bad Beginning Dear peers, 3-2-17 I have recently finished re-reading, “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”, a series written by Lemony Snicket. I read the first book in the series, The Bad Beginning. This book is a 162 page book full of disappointment and sadness. This book is more than realistic fiction. This book contains … Continue reading Letter Essay #6 Kayleigh Riccio

Memoir ILA per1 casey tichy

Memoir                                                               Casey Tichy Mr Jockers Per 1 Feb. 10, 2017 In Our Hearts   “Hey Casey” my aunt yelled from downstairs ‘Yes’ I moaned “Your parents are here” As I walked back upstairs my parents came through the door wearing fancy black clothing. ‘Whats with the depressing outfits?’ I questioned “We had to attend … Continue reading Memoir ILA per1 casey tichy

Derek’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

Aboard Sue’s early 2000’s golden minivan Loaded with soccer balls Without much food in our stomachs In the early morning Along the Winding roads of Easton, Connecticut Listening to bad music Thinking about how much fun we are going to have Preparing to exit the minivan Thanking her for the wonderful ride Stepping onto the … Continue reading Derek’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

Theodore Albano Memior – Adventure Park Scare

Theodore Albano Mr. Jockers ILA – Period 2 2/10/2017   Adventure Park Scare – By: Theodore Albano   Once, I went to Adventure Park with Matthew Johnston and we went straight to the second difficulty, I had just came from Bran Sullivans bday party. I looked spooky because Brans party was a zombie themed party … Continue reading Theodore Albano Memior – Adventure Park Scare

Alexandra’s Letter Essay #6: The Thirteenth Continuum

February 23, 2016 I have recently finished reading the book The Thirteenth Continuum, written by debut author, Jennifer Brody. This 402 page science fiction book features two determined characters with separate lives. The narrator follows Myra and Aero as they attempt to break free from their very different, but equally oppressive governments. The author does … Continue reading Alexandra’s Letter Essay #6: The Thirteenth Continuum