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Theodore Albano

Mr. Jockers

ILA – Period 2



Adventure Park Scare – By: Theodore Albano


Once, I went to Adventure Park with Matthew Johnston and we went straight to the second difficulty, I had just came from Bran Sullivans bday party. I looked spooky because Brans party was a zombie themed party and we had wax and face paint all over our faces to look like zombies with gashes, blood, bone showing, and rotting flesh! I’m almost certain a few of the kids there were trying to avoid me based on their expressions after seeing me. They appeared to be freaked out. I would be too if I was 6 years old. They could have also been in awe, as it isn’t normal that you see people wearing wax and facepaint out in public.

This story isn’t worthwhile reading. The day started at Brans house, the beginning of that rather interesting day. It was his birthday and he invited my family as well as René’s. It was a zombie themed party. me, Rene, Bran, and our brothers got green, zombie like facepaint, or a skull painted on our faces. Then, we got wax to make it look like there was gashes and other things on our faces. In the end it looked pretty realistic and the face paint artist the Sullivan’s had there was really good.

“Wow, this looks awesome.” I faintly remember someone saying.

It wasn’t an incorrect statement. I thought the facepaint looked so good that I left it on when I went home to get ready to go to adventure park with Matt Johnston.

Facepaint still on, I threw on my shoes as my mom, brother, and I left the house. On the way there, there was little conversation in the car. Silent as usual, it gave me the chance to then look out the windows like a tourist, despite having lived in Easton Connecticut all my life. The loudest thing the car ride there was the GPS system, which got annoying after awhile.

“When you reach Rock House Road, turn left into Maple Road.” The GPS would say.

Luckily if I had to go on another trip there, by now my mom memorized the way to get to the Adventure Park. No irritating GPS systems! Just like that, before I knew it, our car pulled into the parking lot of the Discovery Museum for the Adventure Park. I had never been to the Adventure Park before, so I was really excited.

“I wonder what it’s going to be like,” I said enthusiastically.

“I can’t wait to get on one of the courses,” My brother Constantine said with a smile, even though he was never good at smiling.

“Theo, Constantine,” My mother said. “Keep an eye out for the Johnston family while I get in line to pay for our access here.”

“Ok.” Me and Constantine replied in an instant as if we were happy to here we had to wait, although neither of us wanted to wait.

As if out of thin air, Matt and his family appear behind us in line. If this happened more recently, Matt probably would have came up behind me and whisper “silent takedown” like he is trying to become an assassin. As they noticed we were there, I said “hi” to Matt he said “hi” back. I noticed he looked a little weirded out to see me though.

“What’s with the zombie face paint?” He asked.

“I was at a zombie themed party at Bran’s house,” I explained to Matt. “Bran’s parents had a face painter there and she painted and put wax on our faces so we looked like zombies.”

Matt seemed to take a minute to process the sentence, but it was quickly back to just us talking about random things and joking around until our parents got out of line.

“I’m bored.” I felt like saying, but we had only been waiting for a few minutes and we planned on staying for the next 4 or 5 hours so I didn’t care too much about rushing.

“Ok,” Matt’s mom said all of a sudden. “Let’s go to the course.”

“Already?” Matt said as if the line was huge. Luckily it wasn’t, the staff there was really good at their jobs and got people into the park fast.

“Yes Matt, already.” She said.

As we walked into the park me and my brother got looks like people had just seen a flying pig.

“If only my parents let me do that” Kids probably were left thinking.

“They must be looking at your facepaint.” My mom said to me and Constantine.

Having everyone stare the way they did when we passed by made me feel a sense of power and the whole situation added to how fun the Adventure Park was.

So we did a few of the courses they had there, someone almost got stuck on a high course as there was a very awkward skateboard like platform that you had to stand on and it acted like a zip line. For a younger kids course, it was pretty nerve racking to feel stuck 30 meters in the air, as the skateboard lost momentum and couldn’t carry you to the end of the rope. This person was Matt Johnson, a 5th grade student at SSES at the time. Stuck on the cord connecting the trees, it appeared this was only going to end terribly wrong. Whish! Suddenly, the platform Matt was on started zipping down the line. I look over and see a staff member hand climbed up with a ladder and pushed it. The day was saved. Everyone else crossed over with help from the staff member just in case and we went through the rest of the course easily. Once, we were done we got off the course and when to the benches they had at the food court there. We saw Andrew Lopez there and we talked for half an hour and then we went home and that’s it.


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