Daily Archives: February 8, 2017

Memoir Kayleigh Riccio

Kayleigh Riccio Mr.Jockers Period 8 Feb. 10, 2017 One Gift, One Christmas, One Smile Sitting in the classroom watching these little kids made me want to cry. Literally. As I watched them learn and do activities, it made me think about how it’s been almost seven years since I’ve been in first grade and how … Continue reading Memoir Kayleigh Riccio

Max Gregor’s memoir

Max Gregor                                                                                                                                    PeriPeriod 2 ILA                                                                                                                                    Mr.  Mr. Jockers    Feb 10, 2017                                                           Mom’s surprise “No i’m holding him in the car”,my brother cried, “No i’m holding him in the car” my sister cried”. My brother and sister argued and  argued until they finally decided that our new addition to the family would sit in the … Continue reading Max Gregor’s memoir

Bran’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

Bran Sullivan Period 1 Mr Jockers   To the side of my mother To the side of my best friend at the time Because of his influence About to try something new Outside my comfort zone Between excitement and regret Between happiness and nervousness Without regard to injury Off on my own Into unknown territory … Continue reading Bran’s Prepositional Phrase Poem