Max Gregor’s memoir

Max Gregor

                                                                                                                                   PeriPeriod 2 ILA

                                                                                                                                   Mr.  Mr. Jockers

   Feb 10, 2017


                                                        Mom’s surprise

“No i’m holding him in the car”,my brother cried,

“No i’m holding him in the car” my sister cried”. My brother and sister argued and  argued until they finally decided that our new addition to the family would sit in the middle of them in the white 2015 Jeep Wrangler while (Crosby) was whimpering with his black collar. It was a crisp fall day in October and the leaves  were falling left and right. We pulled out of the puppy place in Danbury,Ct and  soon to be named (Crosby) was whimpering because he was leaving all his friends at the dog place. We knew the little puppy was going to be in better hands at the Gregor household.

He is a boggle- a combination between a Boston terrier and a Beagle. He has black fur and white fur on his neck and head, and his face is awesome. It has some gold and black and white. (Crosby) was 15 pounds( at the time) and not supposed to get any bigger than 25 pounds. He was awesome we were so surprised we got a dog. My dad my brother and sister and I were now going home with a new addition to the fam.

My mom had no clew we were bringing a dog home. We pulled down the driveway in the Jeep Wrangler and Crosby’s tail started going crazy. We walked him around the yard and the look on his face when he was a at his new home was priceless. The 6 week old puppy being able to roam and be free and have a family to care for him. It was one of the best days of my life. We brought Crosby inside and immediately went up stairs. I said “ Mom we have a surprise”


“Well what is it” my mom said as my dad my brother and I were in my parents bedroom.

“Katie come in” I said.


That anger didn’t last  very long because 10 min later Crosby was sleeping right next to my mom. My Mom fell in love with Crosby. Crosby was so happy that he had a good home and good owners that treat him good. My mom was allergic to dogs but she wouldn’t let go of Crosby. We were all fighting over Crosby and were he would sleep at night.

“ I think Crosby should sleep in my room because I have 2 beds and he likes me the most” i said to my family on an dreary October day in 2015.

“We have a one week trial with him incase it doesnt work out” my father said as he lied.


“We can’t give him back now, we’re keeping him” my mom said.


My dad brother sister and I all said “ Awsome”. He was officially ours forever.  


“But I do have 1 thing that I want, I want to name him”. My mom said trying to compromise with us.


“Ok, what will we name him then”. My sister said?


“Crosby” My mom said.

“Great” we all said. It was settled. Crosby Gregor- Boggle.

We all knew that my mom thinking in her head that she would have to do all the cleaning up after the dog but she doesn’t!!!

My family and I couldn’t believe that we finally got  puppy. We played with him and played with him until we tired him out. He is very energetic and loves when people come over.

Today Crosby is 25 pounds fast and cute as could be. I couldn’t ask for a better dog than Crosby!!!


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