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Don’t Listen to Democratic Leaders

Name: Ian Houlihan Teacher: Jockers Class: Period 6 Date: 3/21/19   Don’t Listen to Democratic Leaders   Many of you have heard of the names Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders. They are trying to forge a new government, a new form of communism, democratic communism. Communism means, “Property is publicly owned and each person … Continue reading Don’t Listen to Democratic Leaders

Letter Essay #4 – Avelina Bellulovich

March 30, 2019 Recently, I finished the book The Boy From The Basement, a 198-page novel by Susan Shaw, who was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and enjoyed playing with her cats and dogs, siblings, took music lessons, and played with the neighborhood kids. She graduated from Temple University with a degree in music. The Boy … Continue reading Letter Essay #4 – Avelina Bellulovich