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Sarah, Where Are You From?

I’m from the endless summer nights. Hanging out with my crazy/weird friends, laughing and having a great time. I’m from the days of hanging out with my cousins at my mom’s childhood lake, playing king of the dock and grilling hot dogs and playing very competitive games of SPUD and the countless times I have … Continue reading Sarah, Where Are You From?

Kayleigh, Where Are You From?

Kayleigh, where are you from Where are you from, Kayleigh I’m from sunny summer vacations with family and friends in Long Beach Island where most of our time is spent at the beach splashing and swimming in the massive waves under the scorching sun. Where the bell for ice cream rings every hour and the … Continue reading Kayleigh, Where Are You From?

Brother Blind Movie Trailer

Birthday Memories

“Splat!!!” the sound of cake hitting me in the face. My 9th birthday cake was splattered all over the floor and and room. The best birthday food fight in the history of birthday food fights. Everyone was laughing and having and I honestly was having the best time of my life….. to bad that wasn’t … Continue reading Birthday Memories