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Ava Lambo’s Letter-Essay #3: Stolen Chlidren

Dear The Blog, Recently I started reading the book Stolen Children and 165 page realistic fiction/ mystery novel by a children’s author , Peg Kehret who writes for kids ages 11 to 15. Stolen children was published in 2008 and has a 4.2 /5 rating. As I was browsing Mr. Jockers classroom library he recommended … Continue reading Ava Lambo’s Letter-Essay #3: Stolen Chlidren


Ava Faithful,Simpleton,Trusty, Adventurous Daughter of Barbara and David,sister to John and Matthew Lover of Mexican food, the crisp pine air and joyful spirit that rolls around when the holidays come, and of course her family and friends. Who feels thankful for her good education, a good mindset, and feels blessed to be alive Who finds … Continue reading Bio-Poem:Ava