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Bio-Poem: Amber

Amber Energetic, enthusiastic, unique, persevering Daughter of Beth and Jeff, sister to Sydney, Lillian, and Maxwell Lover of family, vacations, and friends Who feels thankful for her brother, life, and freedom Who finds happiness in baking, the outdoors, and helping others Who needs support, mango black tea, and her brother, Maxwell Who gives respect, support … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Amber


Ava Faithful,Simpleton,Trusty, Adventurous Daughter of Barbara and David,sister to John and Matthew Lover of Mexican food, the crisp pine air and joyful spirit that rolls around when the holidays come, and of course her family and friends. Who feels thankful for her good education, a good mindset, and feels blessed to be alive Who finds … Continue reading Bio-Poem:Ava

Grant, Where Are You From?

  I’m from my hard-working mother and father, Robyn and Jonathan, my long-time dog Bosco, always making me smile, even on his last days with us, and Barkley, my new puppy. I’m from the big white house on the long black gravel driveway with the huge, dark green yard, perfect for doing anything under the … Continue reading Grant, Where Are You From?

Hannah, Where are you from?

  I’m from an average size family of five With two amazing parents and the somewhat funny brother and sister named Luke and Sarah.  When we are not all fighting, we have the best times together whether it’s just biking around the neighborhood or watching tv together.   I’m from the blenheim colored Cavalier King … Continue reading Hannah, Where are you from?

Parker, Where Are Your From?

Parker, Where Are You From? Where Are You From, Parker? I’m from a dream to be in the NBA. The dream that helps me practice and to continue through bad games. Or when I get down on myself  I think back about how I just need to keep trying my hardest to succeed the more … Continue reading Parker, Where Are Your From?