Kayleigh, Where Are You From?

Kayleigh, where are you from
Where are you from, Kayleigh

I’m from sunny summer vacations with family and friends in Long Beach Island where most of our time is spent at the beach splashing and swimming in the massive waves under the scorching sun. Where the bell for ice cream rings every hour and the air smells like salty sea water.

I’m from late night bonfires where me and my family sit around the fire and listen to music while we play board games and have ping pong tournaments. When we play bocce me and my sister are always a team but my dad usually wins. We roast soft s’mores that stick to your fingers and ooze chocolate.

I’m from day trips to Quassy Amusement Park where me and my cousins ride the roller coaster and scream on the drops and fling our hands up in the air. “Grace!” I’ll say to my sister who yells in my ear, “Stop screaming!” We laugh as we fly through the air having fun and being jerked to the side as we turn a corner. When the ride suddenly stops everyone is sent forwards and we jump back in line again.

I’m from spending time outside throwing the ball for my dog and yelling to my sister “Watch out!” as he blows by her diving for the tennis ball. When he finally catches the ball he makes me throw it again until he is exhausted and can’t run anymore.

I’m from cheerleading practices for the past four years with friends after school, where we learn dances, cheers and stunts to prepare for competitions. Where we cheer at games every Sunday and perform at spirit night.

I’m that summer-vacationing, sitting-by-the bonfire, rollercoaster-riding, tennis-ball thrower, cheerleader.

Thats where I’m from.

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2 thoughts on “Kayleigh, Where Are You From?

  1. Hi Kayleigh!
    Your poem was really good!! My favorite stanza was the one about sitting around the bonfire. You really added in everything you could have and it really helped my imagine what was going. I loved the sentence ” We roast soft s’mores that stick to your fingers and ooze chocolate. ” It was so detailed and really brought that stanza to life. Something you could have added was what bocce me was. Anyways, it was really good!!!
    Hannah Wergeles

  2. Kayleigh,
    I really enjoyed reading your poem! It was very descriptive and detailed. I loved the part where you said “soft s’mores that stick to your fingers and ooze chocolate.” I really could picture everything you said. Something you could have done was add your dogs name or breed, but overall it was great!


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