Everlasting Brownstone Laugh

I could remember slowly walking back from a big meal which made me heavier in the instant of a second. My friends and I were staring at the main water section in brownstone, and seeing all of the people was hypnotizing to us, until the 12 and under section caught our eyes. We were all filled with joy and ran over as fast as we possibly could. We sprinted into the water until we hear, “Excuse me, this section is for 90 pounds and under”

Elliot, Annie and I were more offended than ever, because we are technically being called fat. The three of us walked away with shame, trying to decide what to do now that we have been split up with the other part of our group.

We jumped into the water after we chose to wait inline for the water trampoline. We waited in the water with our legs under the warm lake water. My nose was being taken over by the muggy lake smell. After a while my two friends and I started to get up on the blow up platform which turned out to be a bit of a challenge. We were supporting each others legs, then slipping, then supporting and on and on it went, until we all got onto the trampoline successfully. Once we we’re on the three of us were jumping, laughing, and falling due to the odd effect on the trampoline.

Everything was fun and games until…this abnormal boy popped out by the back of the trampoline. He was heavily shivering with purple lips and a pale face, as white as clouds. He spoke words in a shivery yet understandable “H-H-Help me u-u-u-up.” He said while holding his ghostly hand out. My friends and I screamed but he managed to get himself up. More scared than anyone Annie ear piercingly screamed and jumped off with a loud slap against the water. That left Elliot and I alone with this kid

who looks like he’s been murdered. My heart trembled with strongly leveled fear that made me run to the opposite side of the trampoline, away from the…figure. As I was running I tripped which almost made my heart stop. I began to roll away from the kid as he was walking towards me, until I rolled right off of the trampoline, and splash into the water next to Annie. That leaves Elliot alone with this odd looking boy. Also terrified, Elliot screams loudly mixed with a little giggle.

We all rose to the surface laughing so hard about this moment, we laughed so long we were almost drowning. Our stomach’s were killing us we were cracking up so hard due to this everlasting moment. Time passed and we got out of the water, still constantly giggling, thinking to each other how hysterical that moment was, and how happy we were that we decided to go on the trampoline. After that day, until this very day,that is one memory that we will never, ever forget. I realized, even how funny this time was it was also important to my friends and I because I am glad we discovered a memory that will never be forgotten out of any of our heads. It will always be something that we be cherished in our mind forever, now…until the day I die.

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