Book Trailer: Entwined

By: Melissa C.

Azalea is a princess in a crumbling kingdom, and when her mother passed away she was left to care for her 11 younger sisters in their time of grieving. Their father, the king is work obsessed and consistently uses his wife’s death as an excuse to be working. He also requires the girls to go through formal grieving where they must dye all their dresses black and not do the one thing to mask their sadness. Their dancing. But when the magic of the castle reveals itself the girls are free to dance freely. At least they think their free. But all magic comes with a price, especially when its the magic of the Keeper and  she must dance to save her and her sisters.

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4 thoughts on “Book Trailer: Entwined

  1. Melissa,
    I liked how you used suspense at the end of the trailer because it left me wanting to know more. I also like how you didn’t give the whole story away but you gave just enough for me to understand what the book is about. Good job.

  2. Melissa,

    Your movie trailer Entwined was very good. The music of your video set the mood for dancing and your trailer was very good. I now want to read Entwined and I didnt even know that it was a book. Since one of my favorite fabels is the 12 dancing princess. Make more trailers please of the books you read.


  3. Melissa,
    Your movie trailer Entwined was very good! I loved the music you had with it. I might consider reading it. Keep making more movie trailers!

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