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Bio Poem: Tyler M.

        Tyler       Son of Eric and Claudia, brother of Michaela, Miles, Becky & Vanessa                                 Honest,kind,independant and caring Who feels grateful for everything he has in life and loves his family. Who cares about his family,friends and will help them out in tough times.                           … Continue reading Bio Poem: Tyler M.

Bio-Poem: Fariha K.

Fariha Diligent, courageous, content, responsible Daughter of Mumtaz and Furkan, sister of Firdaus, Fazila, and Fariza Lover of family, Disney, and religion Who feels grateful for having a roof over her head, happy and marvelous with her family, and compassionate towards her education Who finds joy at school, while reading, and while spending time with … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Fariha K.

Bio – Poem Kasey Z

Kasey                           Caring, energetic, funny, loyal                                                     Daughter if Mark and Jodie, sister  to Cooper (15)                                                   Lover of volleyball, cooking, and family   Who feels thankful to have a loving family and friends, feeling safe in my town, and gets the joy of seeing my dog everyday   Who finds happens when playing volleyball, cooking … Continue reading Bio – Poem Kasey Z

Bio poem Graham B

  Graham Funny Crazy Outgoing Nice Son/Daughter Paula And Roy, brother/sister of Cole,and Stella Lover of Family Friends and music Who feels excited welcomed and thankful Who finds compassion everywhere, finds fun everywhere, life Who needs friends, family, and humor Who gives laughter, friendship, compassion Who fears death, life, loneliness Who would like to see … Continue reading Bio poem Graham B