Bio Poem: Mary D.


Adventurous, compassionate, courageous, and capable

Daughter of Stephanie and Tony, Sister of Nathan 

Lover of all animals big and small, a variety of music, multiple sports including soccer, lacrosse, and skiing

Who Feels Lucky to have such a great family and lots of amazing friends, supported by all of her family and friends, and safe when shes around her family and friends

Who Finds that she will forever be known as the one who dropped/killed the fish (only her grade would understand), she finds that she is surrounded by amazing friends, and that she really hates the Corona Virus

Who Needs animals, family and friends in her life. 

Who Gives her best at everything, who gives smiles/laughs and supports everyone 

Who Fears needles, unclear waters when swimming, and losing a family member/friend

Who would like life to go back to normal, her brother to get along with her, and to get good grades in school always

Who Enjoys playing piano, hanging out with friends, and skiing with her family and friends in the winter

Who likes to wear leggings in Winter because it gets chilly out, shorts in Summer and Spring because leggings are too warm then, and sweatshirts anytime it is the slightest bit chilly out


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6 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Mary D.

  1. Hi Mary! I liked your bio poem! You said you are a “Lover of a variety of music” is there a certain genre of music that you like more than the other? If you do what would it be and why?


    1. Hi Rihanna! Like I said, I like a variety of music. Some of which include pop, country, rock etc.. But I don’t have a particular favorite. I am fine with whatever basically:)

  2. Mary you said that you wanted life to go back to normal, and I’m sure we all feel the same way! What does “normal” mean to you? Is it spending time with friends without masks, or being able to freely move about the school halls? Or both! What do you want to see the real normal as, for your own self?

    1. Hi Catalina!
      The definition of “normal” in my bio poem suggests that we don’t have to wear masks, we don’t have to social distance, we can hang out with friends, and do fun things like old times. And as of right now, we can do none of those things without putting ourselves and others in danger. 🙁

  3. Hi Mary:)
    I really enjoyed reading your bio poem! You said you enjoy skiing, where do you usually go? Any specific places that you enjoy?

    1. Hi Poppy! I try new places every year, but my family and I always go to Stowe, in Vermont. My grandfather is a ski patrol man there and has been for 50 years! So we get discounts and such. But Stowe is definitely my favorite! Not because of the discounts, but because there are a variety of levels of trails. A few of my favorite trails are Hayride, Lift line and Nosedive. Thanks for commenting!

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