Bio Poem: Jenna S.


Calm, motivated, hardworking and patient.

Son of Donna and Darrin, sister of TJ

Lover of my family, my two cats Steve and Murray, and her awesome school HKMS!

Who feels happy when around friends and family, thankful to be alive and stable, and motivated to do well in life.

Who finds the good in other people, fun when doing anything with friends, happiness when in nature going on hikes and getting exercise. 

Who needs good friends that she can trust and feel happy around, lots of support and love from people she cares about, and something to occupy her such as reading or socializing.

Who gives advice to friends in need, attention and respect when it is needed in school and outside of school, and her best work in school

Who fears ruining relationships, getting shots and vaccines, and having no purpose in life.

Who would like to see  the global pandemic vanish because it takes a lot of fun out of the world, what the future has in store, and seeing her cousins again after a long time.

Who enjoys running for fun, playing volleyball at clinics and such, and doing science during school

Who likes to wear comfortable clothing such as jeans and t-shirts most of the year, sweaters in autumn, and warm flannel pajamas in the winter season.

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3 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Jenna S.

  1. Hi Jenna! You mentioned that you loved science in school. Is there a particular activity/experiment that you enjoy? If so what is it? And why?

  2. Hi Jenna,

    I really liked your bio-poem! One thing in particular that I liked about it was how you described everything in such clear details – this makes it more fun to read, easier to understand, and also helps the reader to get to know you better as a person as well! I agree with you that having good friends you can trust and feel happy around is important, and I also fear getting shots like you do. You did a really great job on this poem; keep up the good work!


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