Zac Bio-poem



Son of Rich and Carrie, brother of Jake, sister of Gabby and Caitlin

Lover of folk rock, family dinners, and all animals

Who feels Happy and the end of every day, proud whenever he sings, and sleepy whenever he reads

Who finds happiness whenever he walks his dogs, whenever he sings, and in his families laughter

Who needs tea at night to sooth and calm him, a long book at night to help him sleep, and water to drink with every meal

Who gives a lot of attention to the people around him, a lot of him heart to dungeons and dragons podcasts, and a lot of his heart to family especially when they are all home from college

Who fears god, spiders whenever they are large, and heights

Who would like to see his family grow up happy and healthy, the yankees to have a good season, and europe

Who enjoys all podcasts, chess, and most types of music but especially folk rock

Who likes to wear white tee shirts, any color jeans for comfort and knee sock with silly designs on them

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