Bio Poem: Tyler M.


      Son of Eric and Claudia, brother of Michaela, Miles, Becky & Vanessa

                                Honest,kind,independant and caring

Who feels grateful for everything he has in life and loves his family.

Who cares about his family,friends and will help them out in tough times.

                                                     Who will always be there for family.

                                                      Who feels that God is beside him

                                                 Who feels that everyone is the same

                                 Who finds ways to make someone feel better

                                 Who finds things that can cheer people up

                  Who finds that everyone has the same right

Who gives money to the homeless to help them out so they can have a better life

                Who gives personal belongings to others

            Who gives there most admired things to little ones so they understand how much they love them

Who fears snakes,the bears and spiders

Who would like to see his family,friends, and cousins.

Who enjoys games,movies, and playing with dogs.

Who tries his best to be successful and to have a great life

Who loves playing video games and wants to build a career off playing games.

Who loves hanging out with  friends 

Who enjoys singing and loves boy bands and wants to become a singer one day

Who loves wearing jeans and a nice shirt and cool sneakers everywhere he goes. 

                               I was born in NY,Queens.

                                    Who will always be there for everyone is going through rough times

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