Bio-Poem, Monica C.


Stubborn, sarcastic, kind, stylish

Daughter of Sheila and Scott, sister of Sonia

Lover of all types of food, cats, and shopping (for clothes specifically)

Who feels happy in her room listening to music, loving when with her many pets, and safe in her own bed

Who finds comedy in cheesy horror movies, comfort in thunderstorms, and fun in creative liberties (such as dying her hair)

Who needs bubble tea, her own (annoying) cat Charli, and all things spooky and creepy

Who gives advice when its not needed at all, fashion tips when wanted, and sometimes gum (but only if she receives something in return)

Who fears heights, failure, and balloons- yes, balloons

Who would like to see without her glasses, better horror movies, and her sister not take her stuff

Who enjoy creating art with whatever she can find, petting the 3 cats, and 3 dogs that take residence in her house, and eating salmon sushi

Who likes to wear big, fluffy sweaters, long, flowey, skirts, and colorful hair clips


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