Bio-Poem: Emma


Honest, creative, brave (sometimes), polite

Daughter of Nick and Erika, sister of Noah (11), Nico (9), Leila (8), and Teagan (2)

Lover of friends, family, Christmas, and laughing

Who feels happy when she’s with people she loves, excited to start a new day (especially when the day before was bad), and  nervous to do something she’s never done before or hasn’t done is a long time

Who finds happiness in playing sports, hanging out with friends, and watching movies

Who needs help with math, people people to keep her company (I don’t like being alone or feeling alone), and big breakfasts early in the morning or mid morning

Who gives help to others when they need it, time to get things done, 

Who fears spiders, snakes, the dark, and dying

Who would like to see the world, if things change and go back to normal, and what I will become and what my life is like when I’m older

Who enjoys playing soccer and volleyball (or any sport in general), taking long showers, and bike riding or walking with friends

Who likes to wear sweatshirts and jeans (in the fall and winter), t-shirts and shorts (in the summer and spring), and sneakers (all year round!)

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