Luis: Bio Poem


Confident, adaptable, swanky, snazzy

Son of Karen and Luis

Lover of red meat, kindness and sticks

Who feels the world could be a better place if everyone was kind to each other.

Who finds McDonald’s delicious, especially the quarter pounder with cheese, buttermilk chicken tenders and fries.

Who needs to believe that life has a meaning.

Who gives friendship to those that will accept and reciprocate it.

Who fears going blind and being forgotten.

Who would like to see the world become a better place in his lifetime, and see (as well as eat) a baguette in France.

Who likes to wear hoodies and comfortable socks, as well as stylish sunglasses.

Who enjoys having fun with friends, playing various activities such as chess, stick fight, basketball and many videogames, including Minecraft.

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4 thoughts on “Luis: Bio Poem

  1. Hi Luis, when you listed what you enjoyed at the end of your bio poem I could relate to the part when you said and like minecraft, stick fights and basketball

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