Dillon’s Bio-Poem

Funny, kind, interested, Prepared.
Son of Christopher and Isabella Brother of Sarah.
Lover of summer, good things, possibilities, nature.
Who feels joy, amazement and thankfulness for what I have.
Who finds endless possibilities, people who have great things to share, and how everyone has a different perspective of life.
Who needs to be organized, something to do and to be present.
 Who gives effort, people a chance, respect to those who don’t quit immediately.
Who fears the world going in the wrong direction, dark isolated places and people who are in a bad mood.
Who would like to see good days, great things coming to fruition, and good things for the world.
Who enjoys playing hockey, walking my dog, and being outside.
Who wears warm clothes when it is cold, shorts and t-shirts when it is warm, and a little bit of both in the spring and fall.

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