Bio Poem-Maggie


Kind, pretty ,helpful, caring.

 Daughter of Kelly and Jim, sister of Jimmy and McKenna

Lover of family, friends, kindness

Who feels kindness, caring, happiness 

 Who finds happiness in hanging out with family, going to nantucket in the summer,and getting ice cream at 16 handles in Westport

Who need kindness, friends, family.

Who gives love and hugs to family,  a pat on the back to friends when they do something good,  and hard work during school .

Who fears snakes, spiders, owls.

 Who like to see family,friends,cousins

Who enjoys her favorite ice cream cake batter with toppings. reese peanut butter cups, and raw cookie dough 

Who likes to wear comfy shorts, regular shorts, comfy shirts ,regular shirts, regular shoes

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