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Zachary, Where Are You From

I’m from my brother saying, “Play with me Zac, play with me,” until I finally give in and build huge magnatile structures and lego ships with him for hours. I’m from late night surf sessions with my Dad in Rhode Island and California that are  freezing cold even if we wear wet suits.     … Continue reading Zachary, Where Are You From

David, Where Are You From?

I’m from listening to Paul Simon at night and playing my guitar in bed till I fall asleep. https://www.mansons.co.uk/userfiles/shop/products/large/large_4553.jpg I’m from waking up early and stumbling out of bed to the car for early morning car rides to snowboarding day trips.   I’m from evening sunset longboard cruises and getting home in time for a … Continue reading David, Where Are You From?