Bio-Poem: Lindsay


Outgoing, caring, easy-going, observant 

Daughter of Christine and Brian, sister of Juliet

Lover of music, nature, and fun

Who feels appreciative of the little things, happy when the sun shines, and grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing people

Who finds happiness in watching the sunset every night (in the street since it has an open view of the sunset), interest in science, and way too much time to watch videos of dogs on youtube

Who needs to be active throughout the day, support from loved ones, and to watch Criminal Minds for at least an hour every day

Who gives lots of dedication into what she is currently working on (usually schoolwork), her dog lots of attention and walks (he’s a cocker spaniel so he is very active), and way too much time going online shopping

Who fears clowns (due to the movie IT), her sister (she seems all nice until you really get to know her), and not being able to see what’s behind her

Who would like to see this global pandemic (coronavirus) end, everyone treated the same no matter what their race/ethnicity is, and everyone starting to get festive and decorating for Halloween

Who enjoys skateboarding (especially while listening to music when the sun is about to set), sitting in her screened in porch with her dog, and being festive for every major holiday (mostly Christmas and Halloween)

Who likes to wear jean shorts and a tank top during the summer, sweatpants and a sweatshirt during the winter, and sweaters and leggings during the fall

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