Tabitha’s Reading Reflection :)))

This trimester  I read 24 books, and am in the middle of two right now. One is the second book to the Michael Vey series and the other is a nonfiction book called Thanks to my Mother. I have been reading Thanks to my Mother for about two weeks know, because it is somewhat hard for me to just pick up, but when I do I enjoy it! The best book I have read this trimester is definitely Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 or The Land of Stories books. Rachel R. Russell and Chris Colfer because they are the authors of two of my #1 book series, Dork Diaries and The Land of Stories. I don’t realize it but mostly what I read is actually science fiction, so that’s one of my favorite genres, I guess…


As for my second trimester reading goal, I don’t feel that I made much progress, but I did complete some goals. One of my goals was to read 20+ books, I’ve read 24. Which includes Blood of Olympus which I was on my Books to Read list. And I have also read lots of sci fi.

My goal for the 3rd trimester is to get to 100+ books by the end of the school year, as it has been since the first trimester. I’m almost there, so far I’ve read 63 books, better get started readin’!!


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”



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10 thoughts on “Tabitha’s Reading Reflection :)))

  1. Hi, I’m from Oxnard California and I go to R.J. Frank middle school. I think it’s really cool that you guys read that many books in one trimester. My favorite books are also the “The Dork Diaries Series”.

  2. Hey Tabitha, I’m a student from California and I think it’s great how you love to read and have read 24 books by the end of the trimester. You are so cool I can’t believe u read that much. I’m 13 and I’m in 8th grade. I also love dork diaries too keep reading and keep being awesome.

  3. Hey Tabitha I am a student from California, I am a 8th grader at R.J Frank Middle School. I think it is amazing how you have read 24 books in one trimester. Thats funny, I also like Dork Diaries. Keep the good work up and Congratulations!

  4. Hi Tabitha I’m from Oxnard, California. I think it’s awesome that you can read two books at a time. I don’t think I could ever do that because I’d mix up the two books. I can’t believe you were able to read 63 books in two trimesters and are still going for 100. I hope you get 100 books read.

  5. Hi Tabitha. My name is Denise and I live in Oxnard,California. I go to RJ Frank Middle School. I think it’s great knowing that you are trying to achieve on your reading skills and that is a good thing. You’re trying really hard to read more books. It’s really cool that you guys have read more books in one whole trimester.

  6. Hi, I am from Oxnard California and attend RJ Frank middle school. It is so cool what you guys are going. One of my favorite books is also” Dork Diaries”. I hope you can reach your goal of reading 100 books by the end of the year.

  7. Hey Tabitha, I am a student from R.J Frank and I really admire on how determined you are and on how you set your goals and actually try to accomplish them. I think it’s amazing on how you read 24 books📖 by the end of the trimester. I only have to have 15 books read by the end of the school year 😂 anyways keep up the good work and don’t stop reading keep on setting goals for yourself.

    P.S I love your Dr. Seus quote 😃

    1. Thank you so much, and I will keep on setting goals for myself, some things that really help me to reach my goals are if I’m into a book–even if I’m not, is to finish it then watch tv or youtube etc. As for the Dr Seuss quote…i try :))

      Ps. say u read 15 books one school yr the next year try to challenge yourself by reading 5 more😊

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