Maddy’s Trimester 2 Reading Reflection

This trimester I read a total of 10 books. I think the only book that challenged me was was Allegiant only because it was so long. The best books I read this trimester were either Something New by Lisa Papademetriou or Allegiant by Veronica Roth because they have such great description and they are book that you just canā€™t put down. My favorite author is probably still the same as trimester 1, Veronica Roth. She is my favorite author because I think her books are amazing and so is her writing, it seems so real. I also like her because she is young, so she can connect with young people through her writing. Non Fiction is my favorite genre right now because I like learning about real events and history and the Dear America book are what made me like non fiction better. I am so far able to read 10 books a trimester so I am doing good with my goal from the beginning of trimester 2. My new goals for trimester 3 are to be able to find good traditional literature books and finish the Divergent series. I also want to read 2-3 books each month. Finally I want to find a good fantasy book.

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1 thought on “Maddy’s Trimester 2 Reading Reflection

  1. Hello there. My name is Edward and I’m from Oxnard, California. Your post really stands out because I love Veronica Roth too. I think you have very good taste in books. I can’t believe that you have to read 10 books a trimester! Some books you can read include The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. If you are looking for shorter books, Safekeeping is a great fiction book. Have a nice day! Never stop reading. šŸ˜„ (ļ¼¾ā–½ļ¼¾)

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