Sydney’s Reading Reflection

In this trimester I read ten books. Most of the books I read were pretty easy but, one of the most challenging books I read was called “Odd Girl Out”. This book was challenging because it was all about how girls betray one another and she gave lots of feedback, so it was a little hard to keep up with the story line. The best book I read in trimester 2 was “Where the mountain Meets the Moon”. It was a fantasy book but was really intriguing. My favorite author right now is J.K. Rowling because he wrote some of my favorite books including the whole Harry Potter series. My favorite genre right now is either fantasy or mystery. I love fantasy because their story lines are very interesting and I love the plots. I also like mystery though because in mystery books the writer always leaves you hanging at the end of a chapter and they have great mysteries. I have accomplished some of my previous reading reflection goals from the beginning of this trimester. One of my goals was to read 10-12 books this trimester and I read 10 this trimester. I also have read many different genres like fantasy, non-fiction, and poetry. A couple goals I have for the third trimester are to try and finish the 30 book challenge or at least be close. I would also like to read some science fiction. Finally I would like to get all check pluses on my letter-essays.


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3 thoughts on “Sydney’s Reading Reflection

  1. I was reading where the Mountain Meets the Moon too, but I didn’t finish it…maybe ill go back to it since you said it was good.

    1. Same thing: I started that book, liked it (especially the illustrations), but never finished it; I guess, in the end, I didn’t think it was that good.

  2. I love J.K Rowling too and the Harry Potter series, I didn’t know you read them. All check pluses, good luck on that (;

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