Jackson’s Letter-Essay #9:”Stormbreaker”

I have  just finished the book “Stormbreaker” by  Anthony Horowitz. I wanted to read the whole series of book Stormbreaker about all  of the Alex rider’s-Main Character- missions. Alex wasn’t always a spy though. He has recently been living with his uncle Ian Rider ever since his parents died- in a plane accident- and then soon his uncle was killed in a car accident…So they say.

Alex was told all his life that Ian rider worked at a bank. Alex was just going on with his life, a normal 14 year old. He was at the house when his uncle “was at WORK” ,  Alex heard the doors were ringing and when he opens the door he sees a police car out the window. Later… Alex found out that his uncle died.  Alex continues with his life but he doesn’t know why the police would make the story, Alex knew that didn’t happen, he knew his uncle was always careful.

After time, Alex figures out that his Ian Rider was really a spy. He worked for M16-Britain’s top-secret intelligence agency. Ian Rider was assassinated in while driving an BMW. They soon told him that he was trained by his ncle to become a spy but he doesn’t know that he was,  he will soon take his unclues place, and to finish his mission . Alex was soon in training to make sure he is up to the task.  Later he was put into the mission and while doing this he faces many troubles and right there, he faces the enemy and doesn’t know if he will live or die with the rest of his family. Will Alex Rider make it out alive?

Quoted passage:They had passed three doors when Alex stopped. Each door had a nameplate and this one he knew. 1504: Ian Rider. White letters on black plastic.

Crawley nodded sadly. “Yes. This was where your uncle worked. He’ll be much missed.”

“Can I go inside?” Alex asked

Crawley seemed surpised. “Why do you want to do that?”

“I’d be interested to see where he worked.”

“I’m sorry” Crawley sighed. “The door will have been locked and I don’t have the key. Another time perhaps.” He gestured again He used his hands like a magician, as if he were about to produce a fan of cards. “I have the office next door. Just here…”

They went into room 1505.

I chose these seven paragraphs because it shows how Alex Rider has a sharp thinking mind and how the people he knows lie to him to make sure he is safe. This was the part when they tell Alex that they were in M16 Britain’s top-secret intelligence agency and not a bank. I also wanted show that these passages is how the agency hide all of these things to Alex and doesn’t want them to know who they are and they need Alex’s trust. I know this was in the beginning of the book but I thought it was an important part of the book how Alex’s life changes.

I would rate it 7-10 because I like the book but sometimes what the author was writing was writing didn’t make sense. The plot of the book didn’t sense of it but other wise I would read the book. I think it’s good book but I am not looking forward to reading the whole series. I think it should be a book on your list though. I like this book because it does have action pack and adventure type of theme to it.


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2 thoughts on “Jackson’s Letter-Essay #9:”Stormbreaker”

  1. Hey Jackson,
    I have read this book before and I thought it was very good. You probably know, there are many other books in the Alex Rider series. I also did a letter essay on this book along time ago. Great letter though and keep up the good work!

    Anthony M

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