Jake M’s Reading Reflection and Goals

I have read 10 books this trimester. I read books that I enjoyed and had much interest in. I did read more non-fiction books this trimester.  My favorite book I read was Navy Seal Dogs by: Mike Ritland . It was my favorite book because it was the book that really grabbed my interest. Also  I really liked Old Yeller. My favorite genre is non-fiction depending on the topic it is on. But my second favorite genre is fiction.  My goal for this trimester is to read bigger books like maybe Harry Potter or  something like that.  I will also try to read 10 books again.

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11 thoughts on “Jake M’s Reading Reflection and Goals

  1. I thought that your Goal looks great for you to accomplish and a book I have for your to read is the Divergent series.

  2. Wow! it’s so great that you read alot, Keep up the FANTASTIC WORK!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):);)

    1. That is a very enthusiastic and positive reply, Thomas. Please tone down the emoticon use, thank you.

  3. Hi my name is Joshua I’m from California I go to a middle school named R.J. Frank. I really liked your goal. I would like to read bigger books also to improve my reading skills.

  4. Hey Jake M. my name is Efren and I’m from Oxnard California. I really encourage you to read the Harry Potter books because I read all of them and there great.

    1. Hey Jake. My name’s Jacob I’m from Oxnard,California. I also like non-fiction because you know that the story they’re telling you is true.

  5. Hey Jake!I’m Sofia from RJ Frank,California.I’ve only read 13 books this school year.Gosh,you guys are amazing!10 books in a trimester!?We’re already on the third and I’ve only read 13!I noticed that you wanted to start reading longer books.Harry Potter is the perfect choice!It’s really great.I’m currently reading the 4th book.I highly recommend it.

  6. Hi my name is Kassandra and i go to RJ Frank at Oxnard,CA i also love the movie and book Old Yeller. I am also trying to read bigger books that are my lexile or higher. Hope you get your ten books read!

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