Always Be Alert

“Woosh, woosh,” the grass swayed calmly in the distance. The autumn trees had

faded red, orange, and yellow leaves, falling off gradually, while they loomed over the backyard. The breeze created a soft, eerie howl and the night sky was a darkening blue without a cloud in sight.


My family and I were devouring the barbecue food my dad grilled. There were delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, steaming vegetables, and more.


We conversated peacefully, and were just about finished with our scrumptious meals. A spooky “hoo hoo” was heard in the distance.


“That sure was delicious,” my dad remarked. My mom had a pleased look on her face; as well as my brother. He trotted over to the balcony.


He gazed off into the distance. I picked at my yummy food, and my sibling suddenly exclaimed, “I think there’s a cat out there!”


My father glanced into the distance. “Nonsense. I don’t see one. Anyways, Ms. Kitty is inside,” he exclaimed calmly.


“No, I think that’s her.” my twin stated. He dashed down the stairs. I didn’t know if I believed him, but I shrugged, and soon followed.


I darted into the old garage that was packed with junk and the two cars. I searched around and found two flashlights; perfect. I grabbed them swiftly, and headed toward the backyard.


We ran as fast as our legs could take us to the backyard, in search for our indoor feline. The sky was now pitch black, and the moon was glistening, high in the sky. The wind howled and began to blow at high speeds.


In a matter of second I scanned my surroundings. All of a sudden, I spotted a pair of gleaming yellow eyes, with large, black pupils.


I signaled my brother to approach her, quietly and slowly as a snail, so we don’t scare her.


The cat in the distance was light gray and had a snowy white belly, whiskers popping out of her face, a puffy tail and an expression of fright. That feline was definitely my cat.


I couldn’t believe that she escaped into the outside; how?


I tip-toed over, step by step with the fallen leaves crunching loudly under my feet. We loomed over her body and were ready to snatch her, but all of a sudden she sprinted as fast as the wind, toward the house. She bolted faster than I ever saw her run. I thrusted after her and my heart was beating a mile a minute.

“Spencer, she’s going to the house!” I yelled, while sprinting. He followed me in an instant.


We darted into the garage, and there was Ms. Kitty, pawing fiercely at the concealed, garage door. I slowly edged around the alert, shaking cat and pried open the door. In a blink of an eye, she bolted inside, and scampered up the stairs.


I put my flashlight down, and trailed behind my curious cat. She must have escaped while we opened the door to the deck, in order to take the food outside for the barbecue.


I assumed she must have been curious, like any animal viewing an area new to them. Moral of the story is, always be alert in life.


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3 thoughts on “Always Be Alert

  1. I like the way that you foreshadowed seeing your cat, and then having your parents not believe you. It was also very descriptive, with many snapshots.

  2. I loved the word choice that you used. You had great descriptive words and I could in vision the whole incident.

  3. I loved how you used very descriptive words. Like Janelle said you used amazing snapshots. Overall, great job Sammi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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