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Letter Essay #8- Double Identity

I recently read a 2005 novel by Margret Haddix; Double Identity. This mystery teen novel is a great read. Margret Haddix is a 52 year old woman who has wrote a ton of novels. She is known for her two series; Shadow Children and The Missing. Margret grew up on a farm and then went … Continue reading Letter Essay #8- Double Identity

Letter Essay #7 Divergent Nicholas DiStefano

Nicholas DiStefano Mr. Jockers 3/29/16 ILA Per. 6   Dear reader,   Recently, I finished reading Divergent, an 487-page realistic fiction book by a loving American writer, who came up with her series in college, and ever since she can’t stop writing really good books. Divergent published in 2011 and people can’t stop reading it, … Continue reading Letter Essay #7 Divergent Nicholas DiStefano

Jake M’s Letter Essay #4: Brian’s Hunt

  Dear Public, I finished reading a very short yet very fascinating story. It was Brian’s Hunt by Gary Paulsen. It is a descendant book from Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet. It is a realistic fiction book that is only 103 pages long.   I chose this novel because it’s about the wilderness and survival and I … Continue reading Jake M’s Letter Essay #4: Brian’s Hunt

Sumer’s Letter-Essay #9: “Flipped”

The book I’ve just finished reading was “Flipped” by Wendelin Van Draanen. The genre is realistic fiction and it was overall a great book to read. Bryce, a 7 year old boy, moves into a new neighborhood to be greeted by Julianna, a 7 year old girl. Juli automatically has a crush on Bryce… and … Continue reading Sumer’s Letter-Essay #9: “Flipped”

Nick’s Letter-Essay #9: “My Life as a Cartoonist”

I have just finished reading “My Life as a Cartoonist,” by Janet Tashjian. This book is a medium sized (258) page book. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. It is about a 12 year old boy named Derek who was having a good time at school with no problems at all, but suddenly … Continue reading Nick’s Letter-Essay #9: “My Life as a Cartoonist”