Jake M.’s Letter-Essay #9: “Divergent”

Dear Class,                                                                                                                                                                                                                            4/3/15

I finished reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. The novel was 487 pages. I chose this book because it was a popular read and became a movie. This book is about a girl named beatrice that only has one mirror in her house.  She lives in the future. There are five sections in her area. Each town values something different one values selflessness, another values peace, third one values knowledge, fourth one values honesty and the last one values bravery. Beatrice Prior lives in Abnegation the town that values selflessness. Kids live in their parents town until they are 16. Then the kids are allowed to move to a different town of their choice to live for the rest of their lives. If it’s the one they grew up in or not.  Beatrice moves to the town of Dauntless, The town of bravery. Beatrice also renames herself to Tris. If you are interested to see what happens to Beatrice (Tris) next please read Divergent. This book reminded me about the Hunger Games because I remember that there were different sections and towns. It was also futuristic. If i were the author I would have tried to think of a little bit of a different settings because at first it does kind of sound like the Hunger Games. This next quoted passage is about where Beatrice is going to live for the rest of her life and about the test she took. You have to take a test to see which city you would have most of its value. “By the time my parents get home., dinner is ready and the table is set. My father drops his bag on the floor and kisses my head. “How did the test go?” he asked. I pour the peas into the serving bowl. “Fine.” I say. “I couldn’t be a Candor. I lie too easy.” “I heard that there was some kind of upset with one of the tests.” My mother says.  “Really?” says my Father.  A problem with a the aptitude test is rare. That passage is on page 31. I do not want to give away some of the action so that’s why the passage is at the beginning of the book.  I chose this passage because it leads up to some suspense in the book. I would rate this book a 8 out of 10 because the book really wasn’t as great as I expected.



Jake M

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2 thoughts on “Jake M.’s Letter-Essay #9: “Divergent”

  1. Jake,
    Remember: You are quoting a passage of writing that you like or noticed; you are not quoting an important scene. So, you don’t need to quote from the beginning of a book in order to “not give away some of the action.” Also, I’ve never seen you in school with this book. When were you reading this 487-page novel?

  2. Dear Jake,
    I thought that your letter essay was great… I read the book “Divergent” also, I thought it was a great book with drama, adventure, and lots of action. If I have not read the book I would put it on my list to read because I thought that you made the book sound clear and to convince a person to read it.

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