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The Outsiders Bio-Poem: Sodapop Curtis

Sodapop Relative of Ponyboy and Darry Curtis Funny, Energetic, Hardworking, and Caring Lover of the gang, his brothers and cars Who feels like he is forced to pick a side between Darry and Ponyboy Who has been working at a gas station with his best friend, Steve Randle Who needs his brothers to stop fighting … Continue reading The Outsiders Bio-Poem: Sodapop Curtis

Bio poem

  Johnny Cade   Relative of an abusive mother and a drunken father also had 9 best friends Lover of                                      Gone with the wind/books and little kids Who has been                                           a hero a murder and a best friend Who feared                                     Talking back to dally and his harsh parents Who longed for No fighting/ people coming together … Continue reading Bio poem